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24/7 Emergency Service

We are here to help you in emergency situations any time of the day.

Tree Stump Removal

We will professionally remove any stumps from your lawn

Tree Removal

Need a tree removed? Our professionals will help you with that

Commercial Tree Service

We serve commercial clients. Let us know how we can help you business.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trimming will keep your trees healthy, blooming and looking their best

Cabling and Bracing

Old trees may require reinforcement with cables and braces

Tree Stars Marietta

Who Are We

We have been local to Marietta for many years. We care a lot about this community. Most of our staff have children who go to local public schools here. Our company has been actively involved in public events and charity for years now. All our crew members are passionate about tree service. Most of us grew up working for reputed tree service companies. This enabled us to gain the knowledge and experience of tree service from a young age.

Our crew knows what it takes to be an expert tree cutter and tree climber. We have learned how to cut different types of trees safely and efficiently. Our passion and experience in tree service helped us start our own tree service business in Marietta, GA.Over the years we have continued to improve our processes. This has enabled customers to get the best high-quality service they have come to expect from us.Our high-quality tree service Marietta, GA includes removing difficult trees. Most companies will walk away from such a job as they don’t have the equipment or the expertise to complete the job safely and efficiently.


All our services are bonded, insured and licensed. The homeowner gets complete peace of mind as they are protected from any liability in case of an accident. The expert crew is trained at regular intervals to follow strict safety guidelines.


We have many years of experience in providing the best tree service in Marietta, GA. Tree removal is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Our company with decades of experience is best suited for the job.


The price we charge for the tree services is affordable. We have the knowledge and the experience to get the tree service job done properly. Call us today for a free quote. You will be pleasantly surprised at the great rates we offer on tree service Marietta, GA.


Our excellent tree service has enabled us to build an awesome reputation in Marietta, GA. Our strong and loyal base of customers in Marietta is a testimony to the fact that we offer the best tree service in this neighborhood.


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Experienced Tree Service Professionals

We offer tree trimming and removal service in Marietta, GA. We are insured and licensed. Our crew is great with unmatched work ethics. The tree service we provide is of high-quality. We provide quotes at no obligation.

Our expert crew can perform an emergency tree removal, take down difficult trees (more than 100 ft.), and cut trees over power lines. We are a local company in Marietta and are committed to giving the best tree care.

✅ Tree Cutting and Trimming

✅ Tree Removal

✅ Stump Cutting and Removal

✅ Tree Pruning

✅ Tree Bracing and Cabling

✅ Tree Doctor (Parasite and Disease Prevention and Cure)

✅ Certified Arborist

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What our clients say

“I’ve hired Tree Stars Marietta to grind down a large stump of an old black locust that was removed from our yard not long ago. The work was completed as promised and they gave me recommendations on how to keep my other trees healthy.”

– Megan T.

“We’ve had an emergency situation with an old tree in our front yard that had to be removed ASAP. The guys from Tree Stars responded quickly and removed the tree that same day. Excellent service!”

– Kristy S.

“I hired them to remove 4 trees from around my house and I couldn’t be happier with the service. The job was finished in 1 day and at a reasonable price.”

– Althea Q.

“I hired them to remove 4 trees from around my house and I couldn’t be happier with the service. The job was finished in 1 day and at a reasonable price.”

– Althea Q.

“Well done, thank you.”

– Nannie R.

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Why Hire Us?


Trees service is ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It is second in danger only to crab fishing. This makes it important for homeowners to be cautious about tree removal companies that offer services at a price that is significantly lower than those offered by the most reputed tree removal companies in Marietta, GA.

Tree removal services often require special equipment. Most small tree removal companies don’t have specialized equipment and often end up using a chainsaw to cut large trees. This can severely compromise their safety.Always make sure that the company is insured and licensed. If the company is not insured and licensed then the homeowner will be liable for any accident.

A tree service job sometimes requires a crew member to climb up a 100ft tree using a rope and chainsaw. If proper safety precautions are not taken by the tree removal company, it can be life-threatening if an accident was to occur.We as a reputed tree service company in Marietta, GA are strict with our safety regulations. When we hire crew members, we ensure that the individual is always safe and cautious when working with us.

We prefer workers who are slow but cautious instead of those who are fast-paced and throw caution to the wind. We train safe working individuals into excellent tree remover and trimmer. We value the quality of service we provide to the customer instead of trying to finish a job quickly.

Why You Should Choose Our Tree Service Company?


We care a lot about our reputation. We uphold our high reputation by ensuring that every crew member pays attention to the job when cutting trees. The attention to detail and care is often difficult to teach to crew members who want to finish the job quickly.

All safety tools regulated by ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) and other organizations are used by us when providing tree services. Only the best and latest techniques in tree removal and cutting are used by us.

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Why you should consider using Tree Services in Marietta, GA

👍 Keep Trees Healthy

When a tree develops dead branches, it becomes susceptible to disease and infection. This can eventually kill it. Cut and trim dead branches if you want to keep the tree healthy.

👍 Fruit Trees Will Yield More Delicious Fruits

Pruning of apple trees in the late winter will result in good growth of fruits in the spring. When you take off extra branches, it will ensure that all the nutrients are driven to produce fruits. This will enable the trees to yield higher volumes of delicious fruits.

👍 Maintain Tree Size

Maintain the perfect shape and size of trees in your yard by cutting and trimming the branches at regular intervals. If the tree gets too big, it can look unsightly.

A good trim of the branches will keep the growth of the tree in control. It will also help remove excess dead leaves that you will probably have to rake in the fall.

👍 Avoid Raking Mountains of Dead Leaves in Fall

Most homeowners hate raking mountains of dead leaves in fall. When professionals trim the trees, they ensure that the tree remains healthy. When the tree is trimmed, you will be able to avoid raking huge amounts of dead leaves in the fall.

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Emergency Tree Removals

Our tree service company is happy to assist you with emergency tree removal in Marietta, GA. Our emergency tree removal services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Contact us immediately if you want fast tree removal or if your property is damaged due to storms. We understand the importance of your call and send our crew members to the specified location immediately.

We are well aware of what to do in emergency situations. We will respond immediately and come to your property with the best equipment and tree removal crew with many years of experience.

Stump Grinding

Apart from an emergency tree removal service, we also offer stump grinding. We are the best stump grinders in the industry. This enables us to complete the job quickly.

The free mulch from the stump grinding can be kept for the garden or you can choose to haul it away. Our crew members clean up after everything. This will leave you with a clean patch in the yard where you can plant fresh grass.

A proper stump grinding process will help create a lot of space in your yard. If you have children and pets playing in the yard then a broken stump can be dangerous.

A broken stump is also a source of fungi, parasites, pest, and insects. This can harm other healthy trees and plants in the yard. Cleaning the yard becomes much easy when you remove stumps.

We Are Marietta, GAs Best Tree Service Company

High-quality service at affordable rates in Marietta, GA.

There is no tree service job we can’t handle. We have many years of experience.

We place a strict emphasis on safety. Our crew and equipment adhere to strict safety standards.

We are passionate about tree removal and care. This has enabled us to provide high-quality service to all our customers.

Let us show what tree service Marietta, GA is all about.

Our Company Goal and Mission

Our goal is to become the best and the most reputed tree service company in Marietta, GA. We want to provide the highest level of customer service to all our customers.

We are committed each day to provide an exceptional customer service that the customers have never experienced before. We are increasing our proficiency and skills so that we are able to handle any tree service job in Marietta, GA.

We provide great compensation to all our crew members so that we are able to get the best tree ground crew, climbers, and cutters. Our crew with their expertise excels at what they do. We do our job in the best possible way. This has ensured that customers come back to us for all types of tree service jobs.

The owner of our company oversees a majority of the projects that we undertake for our customers. Our team leaders bring expertise to every level of the job.

Our great workmanship, integrity, and honesty have enabled us to become the best tree service company in Marietta, GA. We have big goals for our company. This drives us to continuously improve our services and provide the best customer service to our customers.

Investing in advanced equipment enables us to complete the job safe and fast. If you want premium tree trimming and removal service, all that you need to do is to call us. We are equipped to do even the most difficult jobs that most tree removal companies walk away from.

Our mission is to be the most reliable, dependable, and safe tree trimming and removal company in Marietta, GA.

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