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Tree Stars Marietta has some of the finest tree experts in Georgia. Our team of expert arborists will be able to handle any kind of tree job. We aim to provide excellent customer service to all our customers. We work in a clean and efficient manner.

Our Marietta tree service company was started by the owner’s father in 1962. The owner learned about different kinds of trees by climbing and cutting them.

When he was a kid, he used to help his father with tasks related to tree removal in Marietta. This enabled him to gain knowledge about the different kinds of tree services. It also helped him appreciate the work that he did. With a sense of duty, he followed in the footsteps of his father.

What We Do

We have been taking care of the Marietta community for a very long time. Our company has been providing tree service for more than 25 years and the excellent customer feedback motivates us to continue providing such premium service for years to come.

We love our work

Our tree doctors and tree surgeons love what they do. Our arborists are simple guys who love working outdoors. These guys have spent their entire lives climbing and inspecting different kinds of trees in Georgia. We appreciate the arbors in the Marietta area.

We love trees

The services that we provide not just remove trees but also protects and restores the health of trees. We rescue sick trees and nurse them back to good health. Our knowledge and expertise in tree trimming enable us to trim branches without causing irreversible damage to the trees.

Trusted & Experienced

We know how to care and nurture trees by providing them deep root injections and other techniques that are beneficial for the good health of trees. This helps the trees to increase nutrients and reduce diseases.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our tree service company guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. We work with integrity. We put our pride on the line for every tree job we undertake. The owner is involved in every tree job that is assigned to us.

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