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At Marietta, GA Tree Service we have been reinforcing and strengthening trees by installing cabling and bracing systems. We have been providing tree services in Marietta for more than 25 years. Even though we have been providing this tree maintenance service for many years, most of our customers are not aware of it.

The cabling and bracing procedure have been specifically designed to fortify and strengthen certain trees. This is done by limiting branch movement in windy conditions.

Here are four things that we want our customers to know about cabling and bracing tree services. You can call our professional representatives if you think that the installation of a cabling and bracing system is the best choice to protect your trees.

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Four Things You Need to Know and Understand About Cabling and Bracing for Trees


1. Prevents Branch or Tree Failure

Even healthy trees have branches that grow as “V-Crotches”. Branches that grow in this formation are more prone to snap under high amounts of stress (strong winds). Cabling and bracing bring the structural integrity of trees to normal.

The tree maintenance service will restrict the twisting movement that is often caused by wind. This is one of the common causes of these types of branches to snap.

The “V-Crotch” growth in trees can be completely avoided. All that you need to do is to schedule a proper pruning of young trees.

We provide tree cutting, tree trimming, pruning, and other tree maintenance services. These services help the trees form strong structures when they are still young. Tree prevention and maintenance starts when the trees are initially planted.

2. Restore Integrity to Damaged Trees

A tree structure is highly integrated. Each branch of the tree works in tandem with the other to give balance, strength, and harmony to the tree. At times one main branch of the tree will fall or crack. This will compromise the other main branches of the tree.

Installation of a cabling and bracing system will act as a replacement for lost limbs. This will provide the tree balance and strength. The cabling and bracing system will prolong the life of a healthy tree that has lost a branch. It will also help prevent branch failure in the future.

3. Protect Property from Damage

A proper installation of a cabling and bracing system protects the property from damage. It will also protect any other structure that is near the tree. Even if the tree is healthy, potential hazards such as entire trees or branches falling onto the property (houses, yards, cars, garages, and picnic tables) exist.

Even though preventive care may look frivolous, you will definitely change your mind if you talk to any of our previous customers who have availed this tree maintenance service.

4. Maintenance of Cabling and Bracing

An annual inspection is necessary for any cabling and bracing installation. The inspection and service are best provided by our expert arborists.

The condition of the equipment and integrity of the mountings should be maintained. This will help these systems to remain effective.

Most often a cabling and bracing system last 10 years. It needs to be replaced after this period for it to be effective.

Even though cabling and bracing are one of the most effective ways to protect property and maintain tree strength, it is not the best option in every situation with regard to benefit and cost.

There are some trees that could be too weak or old for this procedure to be effective. Not all customers will be willing to deal with the additional cost of cabling and bracing. There are other effective options available to saving a tree and protecting your property.

Call any of our licensed representatives today for a free quote. Our representatives will help you decide if cabling and bracing installation is a good option for your specific needs.

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