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If you want your trees to look healthier and live longer, you should schedule a periodic check-up with one of our tree service professionals. The best way to deal with appearance aesthetics, structural issues, and diseases is early detection of problems.

Our Marietta arborists are fully insured and completely licensed. This makes them capable of handling any kind of tree maintenance service that your trees may require. When you schedule the maintenance of trees at a young age, you will be able to avoid a lot of problems.

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24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Trees that are weakened by disease or those whose branches are allowed to grow in a structurally weak manner are most likely to fail during storms. An early visit by an arborist for disease detection, pruning, and nutrient strengthening will help you avoid the cost of spending for an emergency tree removal service in the future.

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Full Tree Removal

Entire trees and large branches will have to be removed if you allow the main branches of the tree to grow in a structurally weak manner or if you let the tree get diseased. The tree will look unbalanced when you remove a large branch. In such a situation you will need to get the entire tree removed or choose structural strengthening.

Schedule a visit by one of our tree doctors so that you are spared the cost of tree removal. The tree doctors will also be able to save your trees.

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Stump Removal

After a diseased or failed tree is removed from your property, you should pay attention to stump removal. Stump removal is often costly as it involves a lot of work. This is why most homeowners let the stump be a part of the yard even when it is an eyesore. The cost of stump removal and grinding is also high.

When you maintain the structural stability and health of the trees from a young age, you will be able to avoid all these options. A regular checkup by our expert arborist will ensure that the trees look good and healthy. This will help you save thousands of dollars. Call us today for a free estimate for any tree maintenance or service in Marietta, GA. Our expert tree doctors perform regular services in different zip codes. If you are in the Marietta area and don’t see the zip code listed on our website, you can call us. We will do everything we can to help you.

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