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Our company hires certified arborists. The arborists can trim and prune trees with professional care. This enables the trees to heal fast and helps it maintain its great shape.

There are some trees that you don’t prune in certain seasons. This is because there are certain diseases and fungi that are active during a particular season.

With over 25 years of experience, we know all that needs to be known about arbors in Marietta, GA. We know how to handle them with care so that the trees are not hurt during the process.

✅ Dead Branch Removal

Trees die due to various reasons. A lightning strike or disease could cause the death of a tree. Most times a tree can be salvaged by just trimming the dead branches. It is often dangerous to leave a dead branch on a tree. This is because you don’t know when the tree will fall down.

We are experts in handling difficult branch removals such as those hanging over your house. Master tree climbers and bucket trucks are used to take out even hard to reach tree branches. We are a professional tree care company with many years of experience.

Our crew members are family guys with clean professional and personal records. They are always sober at work. The crew members are always willing to provide the best Georgia Tree Service.

We are available for work in all seasons. We are always honest and fair with our quotes. Our awesome reputation enables us to get plenty of word of mouth referrals.

✅ Fruit Tree Pruning

Pruning the apple tree properly will help increase the quality and volume of the yield. When you prune off unnecessary branches that are sucking nutrients from the tree, it will help the nutrients go towards the fruits in the upper branches of the tree.

The certified arborists know how to tend to the fruit trees properly. This will help you get great tasting fruit this year. The best time to prune the fruit trees is in the winter time. The pruning should be done before spring starts. The worst time to prune is when winter begins to pass.

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Why Choose Us?

Our tree trimming and pruning service places a lot of emphasis on providing excellent customer service. We will be honest and tell you if a tree doesn’t need to be removed.

Cutting down a few extra branches will enable the fruit tree to regain its structural integrity. This is why we inspect the tree personally before offering any advice. Our honest feedback is based on our 25 years of experience.

Our tree services company is easy to work with. We are honest with customers and the large customer base is a testimony to this fact. If complete tree removal is not required, we will help save a tree and money.

We are a green company as we take care of many trees. Most of the trees that we tend to come back to life when we provide special care and attention to them.

We love trees in Marietta, GA. Our awesome tree service reflects the love that we have for the trees in the area. Our business is family owned and family run. We provide our services not with the intention of making big profits but with a sense of purpose.

Our aim is to help customers with tree problems. When you call us, we will help protect and save as many trees as possible. Call Marietta, GA Tree Services today.

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